MKL Biography
(3 Generations Walking / Spiritual Life Music)

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The international flair of artist/ producer/ DJ MKL stems from his birthplace of Belize and his upbringing in New York City. As a teenager in the midst of the Hip-Hop revolution, it was MKL‘s circle of friends who influenced his musical taste, and ultimately sparked his desire to start dee-jaying. “It was the mixing aspect that really drew me in. The ability to take people on a journey via projection of one‘s own vibe was an art form I fell in love with”. With 18 years of spinning under his belt, he has graced the decks both as a resident and guest DJ at many of NYC‘s top venues including: Nells, Body& Soul, Joes Pub, Limelight and Centrofly to name a few.

Needing another medium to express himself musically, MKL started producing. It was a natural transition and a way to reach worldwide audiences. Since teaming up with producer Soy Sos in 1998, the duo “MKL Vs. Soy Sos” have turned out several hits including, “Skin”, and “Slavery Days”, which can be heard on compilations like “Buddha Bar Vol. 1” and Phil Asher‘s “Jazz in The House 2”. In addition to his production, MKL has taken on remix projects which include: Femi Kuti‘s “What Tomorrow Will Bring”(Spiritual Life Music), Chico Hamilton‘s “What Is What Isn‘st,” Soma Mestizo‘s “Sunshine” and Yellow Productions‘ “Like Ours” by Tom & Julie. MKL now frequents venues playing in Russia, Japan, Europe, Canada and across the US.

As one half the production team and visionary behind the innovative band “3 Generations Walking”, MKL‘s unique fusion of sounds is earning him global recognition. 3 Generations Walking debut single “Slavery Days” enjoyed widespread critical acclaim and shed light on a talented group of musicians, whom MKL and Soy Sos have pooled together. “People appreciate innovation and honesty in music. That‘s what 3 Generations Walking is about. On our album, you might hear Reggae, Blues, Creole, Dub, Electronica, Jazz, Soul and Deep House all blended into something I feel is a step to the left of the norm,” says MKL. In terms of how 3 Generations Walking has influenced him as an artist, MKL states, “The people involved have helped me learn so much about music fundamentals. My education in production was based on deejaying, while my band mates have been formally trained. It reinforces the idea that even from these different approaches, bottom line, is the desire to take music to a higher level.” Besides his passion for music, MKL is a photographer whose work has been featured in publications like Fortune, NY Magazine, Vibe and The Source. MKL‘s musical roots and visual inclination have led established Fashion Designers and Choreographers to seek his talents. When asked how he balances out all of his artistic endeavors, MKL states, “Ultimately, it‘s all about keeping the creative coals burning on every level.” As MKL develops his musical artistry and shares it with the world, there is no doubt that his sound will embrace audiences new and old. We have a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned and listen as this rising talent unfolds.

Songs produced by MKL & Soy Sos
1. 3 Generations Walking, Full Length Album (CD & Vinyl) Spiritual life Music, 2003
2. Midnight Bustling, 3 Generations Walking , Spiritual life Music, 2003
3. Groundation EP, 3 Generations Walking 2002
4. “To Live” 3 Generations Walking, Spiritual Life Music 2002
5. “To Dub” 3 Generations Walking. Spiritual Life Music 2002
6. “Slavery Days” 3 Generations Walking, Spiritual Life Music 2001
7. “Slavery Dub” 3 Generations Walking, Spiritual Life Music 2001
8. “Her Song” MKL Vs. Soy Sos, Dance Tracks 2000
9. “Beneath” MKL vs. Soy Sos, Dance Tracks 2000
10. “Skin” MKL vs. Soy Sos, Nite Grooves 1998
11. “Moments In My Life” (Revisited) MKL vs. Soy Sos, Nite Grooves 1998

12. “Bey Un Bey” “MKL vs. Soy Sos Cellist Remix”, Still Phil, Natural Resource 2000
13. “People From The Sun & The Earth” (MKL vs. Soy Sos Dark Sun Remix) Calm, Wave 1999
14. What Tommrow Will Bring (Mkl Vs. Soy Sos Roots Remix) Femi Kuti, Spiritual Life Music
15. “Like Ours” Tom & Julie (MKL Vs. Soy Sos Tech Jazz Remix) Yellow productions 2002
16. “Surrender Your Love” Sade 2002
17. “Silver Sun EP” Soma Mestizo (MKL Vs. Soy Sos Reworks) 2002
18. “What Is What Is‘nt” Chico Hamilton, Spring 2003

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