Funmi Ononaiye Biography
(Wazobia US / Spiritual Life Music)

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Wazobia To Harlem : The Path

Blast Off! Funmi Ononaiye is born in Wazobia on beat (his mother always keeping good time). Being the son of a diplomat, his family is presented with a montage of gifts to celebrate his arrival, the most important being a top secret Wazobian Space Bus (a means to transcend time and to differentiate those down for the cause from those down for their cause ((this will prove highly beneficial to Funmi in future kosmic kommotion kausing voyages)).

As he grows he tryps on the space bus throughout our earth, landing in Portugal, France, China & Togo to both import concepts and export the groove (i.e. stir it up).

Becoming more confident as the pilot of the WSB (Wazobian Space Bus), Funmi decides it is time to the cross the big lake, off to the land of the free and home of the brave! This journey does not prove to be as smooth as those of the past though, the WSB is detected by corporate force fields at about mid-Atlantic.

The WSB is sent swingin' low, high and upside down, his sweet chariot eventually plummeting onto NYC. It is here where he infiltrates the now stale Atlantic Records, conceptualizing the Underground Dance Music compilation and furthering along the careers of Michael Watford, Ten City, Straight Ahead & Bas Noir.

Through careful analysis of the Atlantic records process, Funmi decides it is time to leave and re-board the WSB, this time with a goal to blast off to the outta limits. However, before boarding he runs into fellow space cadet Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell.

Joaquin convinces him to keep the WSB grounded for a bit, as he needs Funmi's percussive premonitions at his establishment Dancetracks. After several years at Dancetracks and not before establishing himself as the stores greatest ever salesperson, Funmi decides it now time to re-levitate.
Returning Joaquin's favor, Funmi invites him along to cruise in the WSB. They take off and land on a planet called "Spiritual Life Music". It is here where they both now reside.

It has been prophesized that on August 25, 2003 Funmi Ononaiye will put on his helmet, re-board the WSB and descend on "Deep Space".

Every Monday    9 pm - 3 am
Cielo, 18 Little West 12th Street, Manhattan
$10 cash at the door
No Dress Code - Just an Open Mind